Why You Should Have Your Next Family Photos Done At Home

Aug 11, 2020 – A long, long time ago in a generation far away, if you wanted professional family portraits you had to go to a studio. As the years went by the trend started to shift towards outdoor sessions, usually in an idyllic location like a beautiful city park or a field of wildflowers. And while I absolutely love doing outdoor sessions on location, I’m really starting to embrace the idea of doing family photos at home, both indoors and out.

Baby playing on the bed next to her mom
Baby girl playing patty cake and smiling

Why? The answer is simple.

Your home is where your life happens.

Do you have fond memories of your childhood home? I know I do. It’s the only place I’d ever lived until I moved out, and my parents still live there now. As an adult, I can relate to my mother when she used to complain because it always needed work. But as a kid you don’t care if the toilet doesn’t stop running when you flush, or if you have to prop the garage door open with a brick because it doesn’t have a proper handle. None of that matters, because it’s home. The place where you fought with your siblings and then made up five minutes later because Mom said so.

It’s where you sat on the floor for hours playing quietly with your favorite toys, unconcerned about anything except the imaginary world that existed only in your mind.

Young boy playing with a toy train
Young girl sitting on the floor playing with a toy cash register

That is until mom kicked you out and said you had to play outside.

Mom reprimanding her kids

But there was always ice cream waiting for us when we were allowed back inside!

But we grew up, left the nest, and started our own families in our own homes. And now our kids are creating their own memories, on this very day. Ask yourself – how will they recall it? What legacy are you leaving for your children, right now?

This is where I come in. I am here to make sure your kids remember this time, exactly as it happened. To remember their home, their pets, their family – as is – with mom IN the pictures, not always behind the camera. Your kids want to see you playing with them, comforting them, loving them. I can make that happen with high quality, professional family photos done in your home.

Baby girl with pink bow smiling at her mother

Your kids will never be this age again. Contact me today to get on my schedule – spots are filling up fast!


Tracy Miller is a Click Pro Master Photographer specializing in family, newborn, & fine art photography. Tracy currently serves Pittsburgh & surrounding communities in Pennsylvania including: Greensburg, Latrobe, Irwin, North Huntingdon, Ligonier, Penn Township, Fox Chapel, Penn Hills, Monroeville, Penn-Trafford, Squirrel Hill, Wexford, Murrysville, and beyond.



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